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English summary

English summary The name "erotic jewellery" is a little bit misleading...because these jewels are not erotic by themself...but should lead you to a more satisfying and intensiv erotic ;-)
Most of the jewels for this collection are ment to be "signs" and "communication tools" ... to "show attitude" ... create topics of conversation ... make statements, or in this special category "erotic jewellery", to be used as tool, to find the right partner with the right sexual preferences.

Here is only a small gallery of some of my works to this theme.

These erotic jewels I design can be roughly devided into 2 categories:

The first one is jewellery which had been inspired by Pauline Reages Novel "The story of O"...
especially the ring ( Story of O ring ), which had been given to "O" as sign for her sexual devotion to her masters...

A vast and more profound choice of my various interpretations of the story of O ring and other jewels, which are well established as signs and symbols in the SM / BDSM scene, you´ll find at my more specialised webshop